Thursday, 31 May 2012

Our Jubilee Toddle

On May 30th all our children, and lots of parents and grandparents, came to school to take part in our Jubilee Toddle. All the children dressed up in red, white and blue, to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and to have lots of fun !

When all the parents arrived we went on to the school playing fields to start our Toddle around the red white and blue markers. It looked a long way, but the sun shone and everyone put their best foot forward.

Year 6 came to help everyone count how many laps they had toddled. Everyone had a flag that was marked each time they went past.

Then we went back to our playground and had the best street party ever. We had fantastic party food that all the parents had brought, with Vera Lynn and Doris Day singing in the background.

We had 'old fashioned' games like hopscotch,  quoits,  snakes and ladders. And everyone had flags !

And this is exactly what Mrs Critchley, Mrs Winstanley, Miss Jones and Mrs Sinker look like at the end of every day !


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

This term's theme is 'Changes'

During this term we give the children the opportunity to talk about growing and how we, and other living things, change over time as we grow. To further the children's understanding we give them first hand experience of the life cycle of the frog, the chicken and the butterfly. Our tadpoles are developing very well this year. They went for a holiday back to the school pond over Easter, and then we collected them up again so the children could continue to watch the changes in them. They have started from frog spawn, and I spotted one today with 4 legs! They'll soon be hopping all over the place, to the delight of Mrs Winstanley!

Our chicks have been successful this year too. Out of 12 eggs we have 10 healthy chicks. Nearly all the children managed to see a hatching and some of the chicks have wing feathers already.

It's all excitement as the chicks start to peck their way out

Hello World! That was hard work.

We're soon dry and fluffy.

Our brooder has a glass side so the children can watch whenever they like.

This afternoon they were strong enough to come out for a play. If the weather warms up we will be able to take them out onto the grass outside.


Mrs Moo's Ice Cream Parlour

We have a student teacher, Miss Eleanor Stokes, teaching in our classroom at the moment. As part of her teaching practice she has set up this fabulous ice cream parlour in the role play area. There is so much to do in there the children absolutely love it! They can buy and serve ice creams, use and talk about money, write orders and 'customer feedback' and have a great time whilst they learn. She is also organising other learning activities for the classroom, doing what every good early years teacher does well. That is giving the children lots of exciting experiences and the opportunity to talk about what they are doing to interested adults.

These are some of the other activities that Ms Stokes has been organising.

Discussing what happens to bubbles in the wind

Making Glitter shakers

That's a glittery one!